facilitatedThe goal of this course is to help participants with online course facilitation. Being an effective, online facilitator requires a set of skills that are similar to those required in the face-to-face classroom. The online or blended learning facilitator must be able to build community while having little to no face-to-face contact, offer clear and informative feedback, communicate effectively in a medium that lacks body language and tone of voice, as well as use instructional strategies that are independent of time and space to support student learning. The added aspect of the required technologies also comes into play.

This course will introduce participants to the many facets of online facilitation to build skills in four areas: technical, managerial, social, and pedagogical. Finally, to synthesize all you have learned, you will build a Facilitation Checklist to help guide your ongoing facilitation needs. This course is facilitated by an instructor.

This course focuses on course facilitation and is not platform-specific; therefore, it is relevant to all users, no matter the system participants plan to use for delivering courses.